Boxer Bandana

Basic Information

Boxer Bandana is one of the boxers in the Boxer Series. He does not have a role as a protagonist or antagonist because he is a regular boxer. He canonically commonly goes into matches with Boxer Banana & sometimes Boxer Bolt. He wears white pants, a gray shirt, black boxing gloves & a black bandana. He never takes off his bandana. He is also the only boxer allowed to dodge.


Normal Damage: 5/10

Attack Speed: 9/10

Defense: 6/10

Stun Chance: 4/10

Critical Chance: 4/10

Critical Damage: 8/10

Charge Damage: 7/10

Super Damage: 5/10

Super Description

Supermove Name: Teleport Sneak Attack

Damage (Not Blocked): 5/10 (Multiplies)

Damage (Blocked): 0/10

Effects (Not Blocked): Teleportation, Health Steal, Damage Multiplication, Speed Multiplication

Effects (Blocked): Teleportation

Duration: 8 Seconds

Cancellable: Yes

Counterable: No

Other Important Information: During the Teleport Sneak Attack, the Damage Multiplication & Speed Multiplication effects are only applied upon successful hits. Every successful (unblocked) hit Boxer Bandana makes during the Teleport Sneak Attack add to a Hit Streak. The Hit Streak goes up for every successful hit & goes back to 0 if any of Boxer Bandanas punches are blocked. Every time the Hit Streak goes up, Boxer Bandanas damage & speed multiply. As the Hit Streak gets higher, Boxer Bandanas punches will gradually become more difficult to block. Boxer Bandana teleports using smoke bombs.

Boxer Bandana in Full-Scale