Boxer Briefliey

Basic Information

Boxer Briefliey is the main antagonist of the Boxer Series. He canonically commonly goes into boxing matches with the protagonist, Boxer Bolt & often suffers defeat. He wears a white shirt with a red fist logo on it, blue pants & blue boxing gloves. He is also small. Every time he loses to Boxer Bolt, he gets angrier. Sometimes he tries to cheat & think of evil plans to stop Boxer Bolt from winning. He's canonically only won once against Boxer Bolt.


Normal Damage: 4/10

Attack Speed: 8/10

Defense: 7/10

Stun Chance: 3/10

Critical Chance: 2/10

Critical Damage: 7/10

Charge Damage: 6/10

Super Damage: 2/10

Super Description

Supermove Name: Hyper Speed Combo

Damage (Not Blocked): 2/10 (Multiplies with each hit)

Damage (Blocked): 0/10

Effects (Not Blocked): Time Slow, Damage Multiplication, Slight Speed Increase

Effects (Blocked): Time Slow, Slight Speed Increase

Duration: 12 Seconds

Cancellable: No

Counterable: Yes

Other Important Information: During the Hyper Speed Combo, Boxer Brieflieys opponent cannot punch or block while time is slowed. If his opponent is blocking before the time is slowed, his opponent will remain blocking during time slow. The Time Slow effect allows Boxer Briefliey to continuously rapidly punch his opponent, with each punch multiplying in damage until time returns to normal. If Boxer Briefliey punched his opponent more than 20 times during Time Slow, his opponent will go flying back.

Boxer Briefliey in Full-Scale