Boxer Banana

Basic Information

Boxer Banana is one of the characters in the Boxer Series. He doesn't have a role as a protagonist or antagonist because he is a regular boxer. He canonically commonly goes into matches with Boxer Bandana & occasionally Boxer Briefliey. He canonically is mostly in a good mood, unless he loses his bananas. He canonically gets furious when he can't have his bananas. He wears orange shorts, a white shirt with a banana logo on it & a banana hat, along with yellow boxing gloves.


Normal Damage: 6.2/10

Attack Speed: 3/10

Defense: 8/10

Stun Chance: 0/10

Critical Chance: 2/10

Critical Damage: 7.3/10

Charge Damage: 7/10

Super Damage: 6.5/10

Super Description

Supermove Name: Banana Peel Throw

Damage (Not Blocked): 6.5/10

Damage (Blocked): 0/10

Effects (Not Blocked): Heavily Increased Damage, Instant Stun

Effects (Blocked): None

Duration: 5 Seconds

Cancellable: Yes

Counterable: Yes

Other Important Information: During the Banana Peel Throw, Boxer Banana proceeds to eat 4 Power Bananas (triggering a taunt) & then crumble each leftover banana peel into a giant ball, which he tosses at his opponent. Afterwards, his Heavily Increased Damage is applied, which lasts for 5 seconds. Only when he tosses the giant banana peel ball at his opponent is the Instant Stun effect applied, it cannot be applied any time after or before. Additionally, his opponent can only be stunned once during this Supermove. If the Supermove is cancelled, the banana peel ball tossed by Boxer Banana will be deflected back to him & Boxer Banana will be stunned.

Boxer Banana in Full-Scale