Boxer Bolt

Basic Information

Boxer Bolt is the main protagonist of the Boxer Series. He wears a yellow shirt, with purple pants & red boxing gloves. He canonically often goes into boxing rounds with the antagonist, Boxer Briefliey. He canonically always wins against Boxer Briefliey & that makes Boxer Bolt bored & often try to find new opponents in the tournament.


Normal Damage: 5.7/10

Attack Speed: 4/10

Defense: 8/10

Stun Chance: 1/10

Critical Chance: 3/10

Critical Damage: 6.5/10

Charge Damage: 6/10

Super Damage: 7/10

Super Description

Supermove Name: Lightning Bolt Punch

Damage (Not Blocked): 7/10

Damage (Blocked): 0.1/10

Effects (Not Blocked): Increased Attack Damage, Instant Stun

Effects (Blocked): None

Duration: 15 Seconds

Cancellable: No

Counterable: Yes

Other Important Information: None

Boxer Bolt in Full-Scale