Boxer Bigman

Basic Information

Boxer Bigman is an unlockable character in the Boxer Series. He is not a protagonist or antagonist. Boxer Bigman is the strongest of the boxers. He does not have a specified opponent, so he fights random boxers. He wears no shirt, black shorts & black boxing gloves.


Normal Damage: 8/10

Attack Speed: 1.5/10

Defense: 10/10

Stun Chance: 1/10

Critical Chance: 5/10

Critical Damage: 9/10

Charge Damage: 10/10

Super Damage:

Super Description

Supermove Name: One-Hit-KO

Damage (Not Blocked):

Damage (Blocked): 99/10

Effects (Not Blocked): Instant KO

Effects (Blocked): None

Duration: 1 Second

Cancellable: No

Counterable: No

Other Important Information: During the One-Hit-KO, if Boxer Bigmans punch is blocked, it will take 99% of his opponents health if his opponent has more than 1% of health left at the time of the punch. If Boxer Bigmans opponent blocks the punch & has the equivalent of or less than 1% health at the time of the punch, the punch will not do any damage.

Boxer Bigman in Full-Scale