Cristil Crum Dash!

Game Backstory

One day, in an evil lab, the evil villain known as Anti-Cristil built a ship. He used it to travel all around different levels, dropping evil Cloning Machines, which were creating evil weak clones of himself along the way! To make things worse, he also steals all of the coins by siphoning them up in his ship! But when he got to Cristil City Zone, Cristil had already learned about Anti-Cristil's plan, so Anti-Cristil retreated back to his lab, with the coins with him. Play as Cristil Crum & run through the coinless levels to stop Anti-Cristil & retrieve the coins!

Game Controls


Game Levels

Cristil City Zone (Act 1)

Cristil City Zone (Act 2)

Cristil City Zone (Boss)

Deep Cave Zone (Act 1)

Deep Cave Zone (Act 2)

Deep Cave Zone (Boss)

Purple Mist Zone (Act 1)

Purple Mist Zone (Act 2)

Purple Mist Zone (Boss)

Sunside Hill Zone (Act 1)

Sunside Hill Zone (Act 2)

Sunside Hill Zone (Boss)

Up In The Sky Zone (Act 1)

The Chase (Act 1)

Spaceship Zone (Act 1)

Spaceship Zone (Act 2)

Vs. Metallic Cristil (Act 1)

Vs. Anti-Cristil (Final Boss)

Vs. Anti-Cristil (Final Boss 2)