Cristil Crum Runner!

Game Backstory

One day in Cristil Town, everything seemed normal. However on this particular day, Cristil's shoes had a malfunction. Anti-Cristil had hacked into his shoes AI & caused his shoes to be stuck in "Run Mode". Now Cristil cannot stop running until he defeats Anti-Cristil & destroys the computer Anti-Cristil used to hack Cristil's shoes. Play as Cristil Crum, overcome this minor inconvenience, & chase Anti-Cristil down to fix Cristil's shoes!

Game Controls


Game Levels

Cristil City Zone (Act 1)

Cristil City Zone (Act 2)

Deep Cave Zone (Act 1)

Deep Cave Zone (Act 2)

Purple Mist Zone (Act 1)

Purple Mist Zone (Act 2)

Sunside Hill Zone (Act 1)

Sunside Hill Zone (Act 2)

Up In The Sky Zone (Act 1)

Spaceship Zone (Act 1)