Basic Information

ArtKon is a character of the ExpiredPill series. He is highly unknown by most, but he is mostly seen during critical events where everything is failing & defeat is near. He is the god of the ExpiredPill universe.

Information Profile

Name: ArtKon

Powers: Reality Manipulation, Reality Erasure

Weaknesses: ???

Friends: ???

Enemies: ???

Allegiance: ???

Priority: ???

Attitude: ???

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: ???

Speed: ???

Intelligence: ???


Defeat likeliness: 0

Attributes (PErsonality)

Loyalty: ???

Competitiveness: ???

Leadership: ???

Bravery: ???

Default mood: ???

Manipulation likeliness: ???

Anger likeliness: ???

Sadness likeliness: ???

Fear likeliness: ???

ArtKon in Full-Scale