A Flame Through Time

Game Backstory

Clin Tou has wanted to be the Flamey champion for a long time, but due to an unknown circumstance, he was rejected from the opportunity by Hut Houw. This left Clin Tou in an endless state of anger & vindictiveness. This has also caused Clin Tou to set his ultimate life goal to obtaining the Black Belt of Infinity Power, which is hidden faraway on the top of a mountain inside a deserted temple. Hut Houw knew all of this, so he sought to find a new Flamey champion who would have enough potential to stop Clin Tou's efforts & somehow throughout his search, Kin Pou was his final choice. Clin Tou soon heard the news that there was a new Flamey champion & he was not happy about it. As a result of this, Clin Tou decided to kidnap Kin Pou's friend Mine Chou, but due to the fact that he only wanted the Black Belt of Infinity Power & Mine Chou didn't know where it is, he dropped Mine Chou into a gray temple filled with Gray Grodes, & continued his search for the Black Belt of Infinity Power. Hut Houw knew Clin Tou would eventually locate the Black Belt of Infinity Power & as a result of this, Hut Houw gave Kin Pou a map to locate the Black Belt of Infinity Power so that Kin Pou can get there before Clin Tou does & now Kin Pou has to go on a legendary & important quest. You are Kin Pou & now you must go on your journey, rescue Mine Chou, retrieve the Black Belt of Infinity Power & restore peace to the land of China!

Game Controls


Game Levels

Grasslands (Zone 1)

Grasslands (Zone 2)

Treelands (Zone 1)

Grasslands (Zone 3)

Graylands (Zone 1)

Rescuing Mine Chou (Boss)

Grasslands as Mine Chou (Zone 1)

Grasslands (Zone 4)

Mountains (Zone 1)

VS Clin Tou (Final Boss)