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About: The Mechanical Mania Series is a work-in-progress collision crossover game series of The Krazy Krew's Studios. It features a bunch of robot fighters, along with some characters from the Cristil Crum Series, Flamey Series, & OutClassed Series turned into robots to fight in an arena. It is very incomplete, & the fate of the future of this series is unknown.

Locations: Mechanical Arena

Genre: Robots


The Mechanical Mania Series has a lot of interesting characters. They are always recruiting more to battle in the arena. While there isn't a TV series on it, there are lots of games! So explore your character select choices!

Mechanic Maker

Mechanic Maker is the creator of Robot Drone. He wears a purple shirt, with blue pants & a red crown. Before he became the creator of a war robot, he was a mage with little power. He was weak, so he decided to make a robot to fight for him. Since Robot Drone often gets destroyed in the arena, Mechanic Maker reprograms him to be stronger. Mechanic Maker has also helped design other robots in the Mechanical Mania Series, but his favorite is Robot Drone. Mechanic Maker is sometimes the announcer for the arena.

Robot Drone

Robot Drone is the main antagonist of the Mechanical Mania Series. He is an all purple robot. He often battles the hero mechanisms, & loses. He is programmed to attack by kicking & punching. Robot Drone is very strong & fast. Since he is a robot completely programmed by Mechanic Maker, there isn't much information about him. 

Flame Fanome

Flame Fanome is an antihero of the Mechanical Mania Series. He is a purely red robot. He often likes to battle the robot heroes in the arena, but doesn't mind fighting villains either. He likes to fight everyone. His suit was improved by Mechanic Maker, so that he could be faster. He likes to uppercut his opponent, & doesn't mind killing them. Hes often reminded by Mr. Referee Master that he is not to kill in Mechanical Mania. When hes not at the arena, he carries a large electric arm cannon that he uses to shoot everything around.  

Mechanical Mania Cristil

One day, Cristil Crum got abducted by strange creatures known as the "Mechanic Machinery". They took him home to their planet, despite Superbaby & Cristah's desperate attempts to save him. (This is not canon with the Cristil Crum Series.) When Cristil got to their planet, he was given a light blue robot suit with enhanced speed to match Cristil's, & Cristil Crum was no more. He was now Mechanical Mania Cristil! He fights all of the villain robots by kicking using kick combos. Cristil made an agreement with Mr. Referee Master that if he defeated all of his opponents, he could go back home. Unfortunately, Mr. Referee Master then hired Mechanic Maker to level up all his opponents & make them overpowered. So sometimes he loses. But eventually, Cristil got used to his new life & sometimes has fun with it!

MEchanical Mania Mine Chou

One day, the "Mechanic Machinery" came to the land of China. They needed the bravest & strongest & most-willing-to-fight Flamey martial artist of the land. ...& somehow, in an attempt to get Kin Pou, they ended up with Mine Chou. But, judging only by his similar appearance to Kin Pou, they took him anyway. We he got to their planet, the Mechanic Machinery was surprised by his unwillingness to fight. They put him in multiple arena matches & he lost each one. Eventually, they broke him, & gave him a yellow/orange robot suit. They brought him to Mr. Referee Master, who then proceeded to train him to enjoy fighting. When he was through, he knew how to fight & liked it! He used martial art chops & kicks. Now Mechanical Mania Mine Chou fights daily in the arena like everybody else. However, the Mechanic Machinery still searches for the true Flamey champion who escaped, Kin Pou.

Mr. Referee MAster

Mr. Referee Master is the main leader & boss of the Mechanical Mania Series. He wears all dark blue. He trains all the Mechanical Mania robots, & controls the workers. He calls out all the main matches, & does the countdowns. He sometimes sends out the "Mechanic Machinery" to capture characters from other series's to battle in the Mechanical arena. He is not playable, & doesn't do much besides that. 

Camera MAn

Camera Man is the partner of Mr. Referee Master. He also wears all dark blue. None of them are in control of the other, they work together as a 50-50. However, while Mr. Referee Master handles everything in a serious mean manner, Camera Man is nice & never yells. Sometimes him & Mr. Referee Master fight over who should do the countdowns in the matches. But while they do get in arguments, they are still best friends. Camera Man holds a large handheld camera & records matches that happen in the arena, & also main matches. He also doesn't do much, & also is not playable.


The Mechanic Machinery is a robot space drone program programmed by Mr. Referee Master. It is ordered to go to different series's & capture the bestest & strongest most-powerful members & then bring them to the Mechanical Mania planet arena, to get trained by Mr. Referee Master. They only appear in cutscenes & arent playable.

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Creator: Amarcio Jones