Superdamain Dum

Basic Information

Superdamain Dum is a neutral antihero of the Cristil Crum Series. He is very egotistical. Superdamain used to be a hero, until he decided not to be one anymore for no clear reason. Then he became a villain & tried to fight Cristil, but lost. Now he is a neutral. He views himself as superior to everybody else, especially Cristil, whom he is always challenging to a competition. Superdamain has super speed & medium strength. Superdamain doesn't really care about saving people, but he will still do it if he can compete with Cristil.

Information Profile

Name: Superdamain Dum

Age: 11

Gender: Boy

Allegiance: Neutral

Priority: Solo

Powers: Super Speed

Disadvantages: Low intelligence, Manipulatable

Best Friend: Little Ms. Trainee

Worst Enemies: Cristil Crum (Occasionally), Anti-Cristil (Occasionally)

Likes: Competition (Especially against Cristil), Pranking people

Dislikes: Losing, Being 2nd

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 60

Speed: 92

Power: 1

Intelligence: 10

Defeat likeliness: 50

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 0

Competitiveness: 10

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 100

Default mood: Variable

Manipulation likeliness: 60

Anger likeliness: 75

Sadness likeliness: 0

Fear likeliness: 0

Animated HD Superdamain Dum

Superdamain Dum in Full-Scale

Video Game Original Superdamain Dum