Supermom Ta-Bum

Basic Information

Supermom Ta-Bum is a supporting character & confidant of the Cristil Crum Series. She lives in a house hidden on a small private island in Cristil Town. She has an unbreakable broom that can infinitely jump & transform into a vacuum cleaner. Supermom's gear mostly consists of weaponized cleaning supplies. Supermom dislikes many things, but there is nothing she despises more than dirtiness. Supermom also has an unbearably short temper & will be quick to immediately attack anyone who has anything to do with dirtiness. She also (barely) knows martial arts, so she is difficult to defeat. However, despite her short temper, she will still help save the day when her help is necessary.

Information Profile

Name: Supermom Ta-Bum

Age: 30

Gender: Girl

Allegiance: Hero

Priorities: Sidekick, Supporting Character, Confidant

Powers: Unbreakable Broom, Infinite Jumping (Broom Ability)

Best Friend: Cristil Crum

Worst Enemy: Anyone who isn't clean

Likes: Anything clean, Reading, Playing piano, Money

Dislikes: Anything not clean, Pollution, Society

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 65

Speed: 20

Power: 20

Intelligence: 82

Defeat likeliness: 48

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 50

Competitiveness: 1

Leadership: 70

Bravery: 100

Default moods: Angry, Determination

Manipulation likeliness: 0

Anger likeliness: 99

Sadness likeliness: 5

Fear likeliness: 0

Animated HD Supermom Ta-Bum

Supermom Ta-Bum in Full-Scale

Video Game Original Supermom Ta-Bum