Basic Information

Ozone is an antagonist of the OutClassed Series. He is also the final villain in Season 2 of Future. He used to be an angel that worked for God (Timothy's dad), but he kept trying to be like God. Because of that, he was kicked from Heaven. He landed on Mars & built a ship to go to Earth. After arriving, he wasn't welcomed anywhere due to looking strange. However, he wasn't mad as he already has a different mission in mind- to kill Timothy. He began training to face Timothy in the final battle.


He used to be an angel that worked for God (Timothy's dad), but he kept trying to be like God. He tried killing God to take his place, tried blowing up Heaven, tried transforming into him to trick people & more. Eventually, God got annoyed & kicked him out of Heaven. Ozone landed on Mars & built a machine to transport him to Earth. When he got to Earth he looked for a place to stay, but no one would let him live anywhere because they thought he looked weird. However, he decided not to kill the people that didn't let him get a house because he had already heard news that Timothy was sent to Earth. He didn't want Timothy to find him yet, because at the time, Timothy was already much stronger then Ozone. Ozone trained for 3 years & 2 months. During an unknown time after arriving to Earth, Ozone received a visit from Jayden at a mansion, who was requesting power, which Ozone granted. Additionally, he eventually murders an unknown person & steals their body to retrieve a list from Brent, who was trying to blow up an unknown party. Ozone manages to almost get caught by Timothy. Eventually, Ozone ended up meeting Timothy near the end of Season 2 of Future.

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 100

Speed: 78

Intelligence: 100

Power: 100

Defeat likeliness: 10

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 0

Competitiveness: 70

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 100

Default mood: Angry

Manipulation likeliness: 0

Anger likeliness: 100

Sadness likeliness: 0

Fear likeliness: 10

Ozone in Full-Scale