The TKKS Motto & slogan

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect" is the official motto of The Krazy Krew's Studios & "Games, Entertainment, Fun." is the occasional slogan of TKKS.

Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect

"Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect" is the official motto (& slogan!) of TKKS.

With "Cristil Clear" being a notice of how the TKKS content is always in a clear & UHD quality, as well as being a reference to the TKKS mascot Cristil Crum, & "Pixel Perfect" being an acknowledgment of how TKKS never makes anything low quality or less than perfect, despite occasionally being purposely pixelated, TKKS feels that "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect" is the perfect motto for the company!

TKKS feels that anything even 0.1% short of perfect is unacceptable. That is why everything TKKS makes is always in perfect quality, because TKKS never settles for 99.9%, they always go beyond 100%!

Extended version: Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect! (& absolutely nothing underneath.)