Basic Information

Anti-Cristil is the main antagonist of the Cristil Crum Series. He is also a brown cartoon alien villain from Plum Plaza. Anti-Cristil was originally known as Arion Thomas. He likes to battle Cristil. Anti-Cristil likes bombs & guns. He commonly invents many flying ships & robots; however, his primary method of attacking Cristil is to lob bombs at him. He also uses different types of guns & all of his ships are equipped with a laser blaster.

Information Profile

Name: Anti-Cristil

Age: 11

Gender: Boy

Allegiance: Villain

Priority: Leader

Powers: Good inventor, Excellent memory

Weaknesses/Disadvantages: Blue Crystals

Best Friends: Metallic Cristil, Patrick Trouble Pathon

Worst Enemy: Cristil Crum

Likes: Fighting & Defeating Cristil

Dislikes: Cristil Crum

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 45

Speed: 20

Power: 0

Intelligence: 50

Defeat likeliness: 99

Attributes (PErsonality)

Loyalty: 0

Competitiveness: 85

Leadership: 2

Bravery: 99

Default mood: Angry

Manipulation likeliness: 0.1

Anger likeliness:

Sadness likeliness: 0

Fear likeliness: 1

Animated HD Anti-Cristil

Anti-Cristil in Full-Scale

Video Game Original Anti-Cristil