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TKKS Update

The Krazy Krew's Studios has some news for you:

The all-new TKKS Website Reconstructed has officially been beta-released!

After months of production (which is still ongoing daily to this day!) & speculation, the all-new official TKKS Website reconstruct is now finally public* for the world to experience!

Experience the TKKS Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect perfection of the future with the new TKKS Website Reconstructed!

*The website is still very much in beta & an early prototype, so don't expect everything to be entirely functional. The TKKS People of Perfection are constantly & persistently working daily to make sure that the TKKS Website Reconstructed will be the single perfect website on the internet (with the exception of other TKKS websites), but just remember that the website is still very early & not much is complete yet. Almost everything you see on it is &/or will be subject to change.

In other news, TKKS is announcing a new program for the artists of TKKS to display their maximum creativity for you in the shade of perfection: The TKKS Culture of Perfection! Now, you can view masterpieces of perfection made directly by the TKKS perfectionartists on the new TKKS Culture of Perfection website! (The art you will see is not canon to any TKKS franchises, it is just random perfection that the artists create for fun.)

Additionally, make sure to update your browser extensions! TKKS standard updates are going to slowly & gradually be resuming back to daily pace over time, & the first of those updates are all-new updates to Perfection Search, each one letting you do even more things with perfection! A recent Perfection Search update allows you to now open with perfection using 3 all-new mode launchers: Standard, Revamp, & Advance! Make sure that your Perfection Search extension is up-to-date!

Be sure to check back every day to keep up with updates!

TKKS Twitter Updates

View the latest official posts & updates from the TKKS Twitter!

Cristil Town NEws

(The Cristil Crum Series)

We keep up the news! Today's news is:

The Cristil Crum Theme (Another Adaptation) V6(.03!) is officially out!

View the full list here.

Boxer MAilbox

(The Boxer Series)

Why not check out whats happening before you go into the arena?:

An advanced layout for the Boxer Series character pages has officially been added!

Flamey Flamingo

(The Flamey Series)

Hut Houw has a note for you:

OutClassed updates

(The OutClassed Series)

Timothy's dad has a message for you:

Future: Season 2, Episodes 8 & 9 have officially been released!

View them on the OutClassed Series YouTube channel.

Expired Mail

(The ExpiredPill Series)

ExpiredPill just dropped a new update, wonder what it is?

Although the estimation date being around the same time as the release of the TKKS Website Reconstructed may not have been entirely accurate, the ExpiredPill Series will be returning without any further pauses a lot sooner than anticipated!