Basic Information

Aneto is the secondary main character of the OutClassed Series & Future. Aneto is an angel from Heaven. He has super-speed, flight, & a powerful form known as Aneto Blue. However, he has not yet unlocked his full-power. He does not make plans. Aneto came to Earth, specifically 3 years after Timothy was sent to Earth; Aneto came down to Earth because he missed Timothy, who was his best friend. Aneto helps Timothy fight villains & protect Earth.


Aneto is an angel sent from Heaven. Timothy was Aneto's best friend & when Timothy sent to Earth, Aneto was upset. 3 years after Timothy was sent to Earth, Aneto decided to come down to Earth because he missed Timothy.

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 40

Speed: 100

Intelligence: 60

Power: 60

Defeat likeliness: 35

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 80

Competitiveness: 100

Leadership: 90

Bravery: 95

Default mood: Irritation

Manipulation likeliness: 12

Anger likeliness: 45

Sadness likeliness: 0

Fear likeliness: 1

Aneto in Full-Scale