Hut Houw

Basic Information

Hut Houw is a character of the Flamey Series. He is the leader of all the heroes. He wears brown pants & a white/orange shirt. Hut Houw teaches the heroes martial arts, knows every chant at its highest level & has Mine Chou build staffs for him. He usually does not fight, unless he needs to.

Information Profile

Name: Hut Houw

Gender: Boy

Natural Powers: Intelligence

Natural Weaknesses: None

Friends: Kin Pou, Mine Chou

Enemy: Clin Tou

Aura: Black

Allegiance: Hero, Master

Priority: Leader of all heroes

Attitude: Calm

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 100

Speed: 100

Intelligence: 100

Defeat likeliness: 1

Attributes (Skills)

Belt Level: Black

Belt Powers: Kin Pou (X8), Fior Tooss (X8), High Yah (X8), Chow Main (X8)

Threat Level: Maximum

Overall Power Rating: 10 - 10

Hut Houw in Full-Scale