Basic Information

Bryce is a villain of the OutClassed Series & Future. He is from Earth. He has blood-bending & x-ray vision. He was a once a random human, however he was notified of when Timothy got to Earth. When he found out about Timothy's powers he started training so he could try to take Timothy's powers.


He was a random human who got notified that Timothy was on Earth & as soon as he heard that, he started training to be able to defeat Timothy & take his powers. There were lots of other humans who wanted Timothy's powers, but Bryce was the only persistent one. Every time he spotted Timothy, he would immediately go & try to defeat him. Timothy beats him every time, but Bryce never gave up & still wants Timothy's powers.

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 80

Speed: 45

Intelligence: 90

Power: 100

Defeat likeliness: 78

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 0

Competitiveness: 0

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 60

Default mood: Angry

Manipulation likeliness: 45

Anger likeliness: 56

Sadness likeliness: 2

Fear likeliness: 56

Bryce in Full-Scale