(Full Name: "Patrick Trouble Pathon")

Basic Information

Patrick Trouble Pathon a villain character of the Cristil Crum Series. He was found by Anti-Cristil & trained to be an evil villain. He does not have any powers or abilities of any kind & he is the slowest & least intelligent. He doesn't have any particular major reasons or preferences for doing anything, so he does whatever he thinks will be fun.

Information Profile

Name: Patrick Trouble Pathon

Age: 4

Gender: Boy

Allegiance: Villain

Priority: Sidekick

Disadvantages: Extremely low intelligence, Very weak, Very slow running speed, Infinitely low endurance

Best Friend: Anti-Cristil

Worst Enemy: Superbaby Lum

Likes: Having fun

Dislikes: Superbaby Lum

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 0

Speed: 0.1

Power: 0

Intelligence: 1/ (Infinitely small)

Defeat likeliness:

Attributes (personality)

Loyalty: 5

Competitiveness: 0

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 25

Default mood: Happy

Manipulation likeliness: 100

Anger likeliness: 2

Sadness likeliness: 1

Fear likeliness: 60

Animated HD PTP

Patrick Trouble Pathon in Full-Scale

Video Game Original PTP