Basic Information

Timothy is the main character of the OutClassed Series & Future. He is an angel sent from Heaven & the son of God. He has super-speed, timestop, & teleportation. However, he hasn't unlocked his full power yet. While in Heaven, Timothy was pulling pranks on other angels. Due to this, Timothy's dad sent Timothy to Earth so he could learn his lesson. To come back to Heaven, Timothy is required to defeat every villain, protect Earth & unlock all his powers. He is commonly known for being attacked so his attacker could steal his powers. While he doesn't make plans & is for some reason allergic to peoples ugly faces, Timothy is still a legendary hero.


Timothy is an angel from Heaven & the son of God. He was chosen by his dad to become the next God, which infuriated his sister Quartz, who then attempted to murder Timothy. Timothy was able to stop Quartz. Months later, Timothy was sent to Earth for pulling too many pranks on the other angels in Heaven. Timothy's dad decided that while Timothy is on Earth, he has a duty to protect Earth & its citizens, & once he has fought & defeated every villain there is on Earth, he will automatically be sent back to Heaven. However, Timothy's dad decided that Timothy's powers would be disabled for a year when Timothy arrived. When Timothy arrived to Earth, it was spread through national television & everyone on Earth then knew that Timothy had arrived to Earth. However, someone robbing a bank was the first person Timothy had seen when he arrived. He was being arrested, which confused Timothy as he didn't know anything about law when he arrived. He attempted to rescue the robber, but failed due to his powers being disabled.

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 100


Intelligence: 56

Power: 100

Defeat likeliness: 30

Attributes (PErsonality)

Loyalty: 100

Competitiveness: 100

Leadership: 100

Bravery: 100

Default mood: Boredom

Manipulation likeliness: 23

Anger likeliness: 89

Sadness likeliness: 32

Fear likeliness: 0

Timothy in Full-Scale