About TKKS

About TKKS (History)

Back in 2014, Amarcio Jones blessed the future of the entirety of existence with quality of perfection when he thought of the concept of Cristil Crum™. In 2017, he brought this concept to life with the Cristil Crum Series™ & The Krazy Krew's Studios (formerly The Krazy Krew's Heroes). In 2018, TKKS was made stronger with the Boxer Series™ (& in 2019, the Flamey Series™), & in 2020, Matthew Banks & Quinn Martin joined, bringing 2 new franchises (The OutClassed Series™ & The ExpiredPill Series™) to help TKKS & together, powered by the motto "Cristil Clear, Pixel Perfect", the trio made an unstoppable company of perfection!

About TKKS (Additional History information & references)

The original name of TKKS was TKKH. TKKS was referenced as TKKH in some old videos from the Cristil Crum YouTube channel (where TKKS made its first public appearance).

Before the TKKS Website Classic was upgraded to its current state, users had to use the Cristil Crum Website to get TKKS information. The TKKS Website Classic did still exist during this time, but it was in a state where only minimal information about TKKS & TKKS franchises was present on the website, so users were mostly redirected to the Cristil Crum Website at the time, due to it having much more information. Eventually, the TKKS Website Classic got a major upgrade & all the information from the Cristil Crum Website was transferred to the TKKS Website Classic, then upgraded & enhanced to be up-to-date. The transferred information was used for the Cristil Crum Series. Immediately after, the Cristil Crum Website was discontinued & eventually fully shut down.

While TKKS does use YouTube & Twitter, often active on both of them, TKKS does not actually use Facebook & Instagram, though there is a TKKS account on both.

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TKKS Social Media Usernames

TKKS most commonly uses the username of "TKKSofficial" & display name of "The Krazy Krew's Studios". 

This is due to "TKKS" usually being too short for a username & "TheKrazyKrewsStudios" being too long & confusing. (TKKS only uses YouTube, Twitter, & LinkedIn. To find other official TKKS social media profiles that TKKS does not use, go to "Inactive Accounts".) If you see any TKKS accounts on social media with a username other than "TKKSofficial" & a name other than "The Krazy Krew's Studios", these accounts are fake & you should probably report them to TKKS.
The only exception(s) is listed below:

Username Exception(s):

tkksofficial (From Instagram & LinkedIn)

Both Instagram & LinkedIn don't allow capital letters in usernames, so the "TKKSofficial" username for the TKKS Instagram & LinkedIn account is in all lowercase letters. The username TKKS uses for everything else is "TKKSofficial", with the TKKS part of the name in all capitals. If you see the username of "tkksofficial" anywhere other than Instagram or LinkedIn, the account will be fake.