(Full Name: "Palén Tabón Paste 2wise")

Basic information

Palén Tabón Paste 2wise is a villain character of the Cristil Crum Series. She is a purple & intelligent villain. PTP 2 is skilled in inventing, as she invented some speed shoes for herself to give herself the power of super-speed. She generally doesn't really care much about anything, but however she does have an intense desire to exterminate Little Ms. Trainee.

Information Profile

Name: Palén Tabón Paste 2wise

Age: 5

Gender: Girl

Allegiance: Villain

Priority: Sidekick

Powers: Super Speed, Good inventor

Worst Enemy: Little Ms. Trainee

Likes: Building weapons

Dislikes: Little Ms. Trainee, Being blamed

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 25

Speed: 65

Power: 0

Intelligence: 90

Defeat likeliness: 85

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 50

Competitiveness: 0

Leadership: 45

Bravery: 95

Default mood: Apathy

Manipulation likeliness: 0

Anger likeliness: 10

Sadness likeliness: 3

Fear likeliness: 5

Animated HD PTP 2

Palén Tabón Paste 2wise in Full-Scale

Video Game Original PTP 2