Kin Pou

Basic Information

Kin Pou is the main character/protagonist of the Flamey Series. He wears an orange karate shirt & dark orange pants. Kin Pou is a hero of the Flamey Series. Hut Houw gave Kin Pou a map to show the location of the Black Belt of Infinity Power.


Kin Pou was originally just a normal villager, until he happened to come across the hidden Flamey Tournament Training Dojo. Intrigued, he decided to try to use the acrobatics equipment. His performance excelled. Hut Houw noticed Kin Pou's exceptional performance & decided to bring Kin Pou to the Grasslands. Hut Houw trained Kin Pou in the Flamey martial arts for a year & throughout that time Kin Pou managed to work his way up to a Yellow Belt. One day, as Kin Pou was exploring a mountain, he heard screams of terror. He looked down from the mountain & saw Clin Tou shooting a Fire Tooss X4 at Mine Chou. He saw that Mine Chou was a Red Belt, which meant he wouldn't survive the Fior Tooss X4. Kin Pou decided to shoot his own Fior Tooss to deflect the Fior Tooss X4 & jump down to see the commotion. He fought Clin Tou, giving Mine Chou a chance to escape. However, Kin Pou lost the fight & was blasted back to the dojo with a Fior Tooss X4. He then decided to continue training. Eventually, Kin Pou entered a special training course (which he also excelled in) & due to his performance, Hut Houw made Kin Pou the Flamey Champion. Later that day, Kin Pou was told by Hut Houw that he had to go on an important quest to obtain the Black Belt of Infinity Power & he was given a map to reveal its location.

Information Profile

Name: Kin Pou

Gender: Boy

Natural Powers: Medium Strength

Natural Weaknesses: Low-Jumper

Friends: Mine Chou, Hut Houw

Enemies: Clin Tou

Aura: None

Allegiance: Hero

Priority: Solo, Occasional Leader

Attitude: Serious, Dedicated to Training

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 30

Speed: 25

Intelligence: 50

Defeat likeliness: 65

Attributes (Skills)

Belt Level: Yellow

Belt Powers: Kin Pou (X1), Fior Tooss (X1), Chow Main (X1), Keen Pou

Threat Level: Medium

Overall Power Rating: 4 - 10

Kin Pou in Full-Scale