Cristah Crum

Basic Information

Cristah is a supporting character of the Cristil Crum Series. Cristah has self-proclaimed herself as Cristil's girlfriend. Her home planet is unknown, but she has her own house in Cristil Town. All of Cristah's goals seem to strive for the sole purpose of impressing Cristil & due to this it is a common misconception that she only cares about Cristil. However, (while Cristil is the only entity that she genuinely cares about) Cristah is still very friendly to everybody else. She has a golden cape that can float, glide & deflect projectiles. Despite her being friendly to others, Cristah will be extremely quick to go from hero to executioner if she sees someone else who likes Cristil. Despite this, she still helps save the day if it is for the sake of impressing Cristil.

Information Profile

Name: Cristah Crum

Age: 11

Gender: Girl

Allegiance: Hero

Priority: Sidekick, Partners with Cristil (Occasionally)

Powers: Super Speed, Golden Floating/Gliding Cape

Disadvantages: Gullible

Best Friend: Cristil Crum

Worst Enemy: Any girl who likes Cristil

Likes: Cristil Crum

Dislikes: Any girl who likes Cristil

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 5

Speed: 76

Power: 40

Intelligence: 45

Defeat likeliness: 50

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 15

Competitiveness: 0

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 100

Default moods: Desire, Love, Happy

Manipulation likeliness: 90

Anger likeliness: 92

Sadness likeliness: 40

Fear likeliness: 0

Animated HD Cristah Crum

Cristah Crum in Full-Scale

Video Game Original Cristah Crum