Mine Chou

Basic Information

Mine Chou is a side character of the Flamey Series. He wears purple pants, a yellow shirt & has orange spiked hair. He is Kin Pou's friend. He does not know how to battle, but helps Kin Pou prepare for it. Mine Chou also likes to build staffs. For unknown reasons, Clin Tou kidnapped Mine Chou along his way to the Black Belt of Infinity Power.


Mine Chou has lived in the Grasslands his entire life, but despite this he still manages to not know anything about the Flamey martial arts. He noticed that Hut Houw seemed very strict & this invoked Mine Chou's permanent paranoia of anything he deems even slightly undesirable. Hut Houw has attempted to train Mine Chou several times, but to no prevail. This led Hut Houw to believe Mine Chou is completely useless. He figured that despite this, Mine Chou still needed to do something, so he gave Mine Chou the job of message delivery. One day, as Mine Chou was returning from a message delivery, he was soon confronted by Clin Tou, who asked Mine Chou for the location of the Black Belt of Infinity Power. Mine Chou didn't know the location, but Clin Tou thought he was lying, so he threw a Fior Tooss X4 at Mine Chou. However, Kin Pou happened to be watching from above & he saw that Mine Chou was a Red Belt which indicated that he wouldn't survive the attack, so Kin Pou deflected the Fior Toss X4 from above with his own Fior Tooss & dropped down to fight Clin Tou. While Kin Pou & Clin Tou were fighting, Mine Chou took the opportunity to escape & report what happened to Hut Houw. Later on, as Mine Chou was exploring the Grasslands, he was again confronted by Clin Tou. Clin Tou kidnapped Mine Chou only to drop him off in the Graylands, where he was scheduled to be executed by the Gray Grodes. However, as Mine Chou was about to be executed, Kin Pou rescued him again, defeated the Gray Grodes & offered Mine Chou to help Kin Pou on his quest. Mine Chou accepted & the two soon became the best of friends.

Information Profile

Name: Mine Chou

Gender: Boy

Natural Powers: High-Jumper

Natural Weaknesses: Weak, Can't fight

Friend: Kin Pou

Enemies: None

Aura: None

Allegiance: Hero, Neutral

Priority: Solo, Occasional Sidekick

Attitude: Kind, Friendly, Scared easily

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 0

Speed: 60

Intelligence: 15

Defeat likeliness: 100

Attributes (Skills)

Belt Level: Red

Belt Powers: None

Threat Level: None

Overall Power Rating: 0 - 10

Mine Chou in Full-Scale