Basic Information

Jayden is a neutral character of the OutClassed Series & Future. He is from Earth. He has blood-bending, invisibility, & a Demon Mode form, in which he can better control blood & be more powerful. However, his Demon Mode form is very slow & can only be active for 3 hours. Jayden's main goal is to be better than Timothy, because he has a hatred for Timothy.


When Jayden was first recorded to be seen, he was robbing a bank. He was then arrested by the police. While being arrested, he encountered Timothy, who was very confused & wondering why Jayden was getting taken away by the cops just for taking money. When Timothy found out it was illegal he tried to save Jayden, but couldn't due to his powers being disabled. Eventually, Jayden was rescued by Timothy & Aneto. During the rescue, Jayden threw a chair at Timothy, who easily stopped him using teleportation. He then teleported Jayden out of jail, who then, much to his surprise, found out that there were two Timothys. Jayden then presumably disappeared, only to eventually receive a phone call from Timothy requesting to fight in a forest. Jayden agreed & when he arrived, he was defeated easily. Presumably angry, he then went to a hidden mansion where he encountered Ozone in disguise, who granted Jayden an unknown power. Jayden teleported to a playground, followed by Timothy, Aneto, Future Timothy, & Future Aneto. He then sparks a fight, which Future Timothy & Future Aneto disappear during. He attempts to stab Timothy & Aneto with a sword, which Timothy dodges using teleportation, then takes Jayden's sword & stabs him with it. Aneto then pushes Jayden further through the sword, where it stabs directly though his stomach. Jayden is then presumed dead, but appears again at an unknown time.

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 80

Speed: 60

Intelligence: 70

Power: 80

Defeat likeliness: 50

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 50

Competitiveness: 60

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 68

Default mood: Boredom

Manipulation likeliness: 60

Anger likeliness: 0

Sadness likeliness: 0

Fear likeliness: 0

Jayden in Full-Scale