Superbaby Lum

Basic Information

Superbaby Lum is the deuteragonist of the Cristil Crum Series. He is also a green baby. He has the power of infinite strength & medium jumping. However, he has an incredibly low running speed. While Superbaby was originally very strong to begin with, his powers were heavily amplified when Cristil made him a special yellow bracelet. While Superbaby is very kind to mostly everyone, Superbaby's kindness does not extend to villains so you can be sure he will help save the day!

Information Profile

Name: Superbaby Lum

Age: 5

Gender: Boy

Allegiance: Hero

Priority: Sidekick

Powers: Infinite Strength, Medium Jumping Abilities

Disadvantages: Slow Running Speed

Best Friend: Cristil Crum

Worst Enemy: Patrick Trouble Pathon

Likes: Cristil Crum

Dislikes: Being reprimanded

Attributes (Physical)


Speed: 5

Power: 10

Intelligence: 70

Defeat likeliness: 45

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 85

Competitiveness: 0

Leadership: 0

Bravery: 50

Default mood: Happy

Manipulation likeliness: 20

Anger likeliness: 0

Sadness likeliness: 5

Fear likeliness: 50

Animated HD Superbaby Lum

Superbaby Lum in Full-Scale

Video Game Original Superbaby Lum