Clin Tou

Basic Information

Clin Tou is the main antagonist of the Flamey Series. He wears yellow pants & a red shirt. He also has gray hair. He wants nothing more than the Black Belt of Infinity Power & will stop at nothing to get it.


Clin Tou has lived & trained in the Flamey Tournament Training Dojo for most of his entire life. He was repeatedly told that one day, he would become the Flamey Champion. He trained up to a Purple Belt & he had endlessly & persistently trained for that particular moment. Or so he thought. One day, as Clin Tou was training to obtain the Black Belt, Clin Tou asked when he would be able to compete in the Flamey Tournament. He was ignored. He asked a second time & his only reply was "Never". Hut Houw had then revealed that Clin Tou would never get to become the Flamey Champion & explained why so that only himself & Clin Tou would know the true reason. Clin Tou then tried to fight Hut Houw, but due to being one belt short of Hut Houw's power, Clin Tou lost. Infuriated, Clin Tou stormed out of the dojo & started self-training himself in fatal execution skills. He then set his sights on the Black Belt of Infinity Power & made it his new ultimate goal to obtain it, as he knew it was the only weapon that would give him the power to execute Hut Houw. He then went on a persistent search for the Black Belt of Infinity Power through an execution spree in the village, murdering several people who didn't know the location of the Black Belt of Infinity Power. Eventually during one of his sprees, he encountered Mine Chou. He asked Mine Chou for the location of the Black Belt of Infinity Power. Mine Chou didn't know, but Clin Tou thought he was lying, so he threw a Fior Tooss X4 at Mine Chou. However, his Fior Tooss X4 was deflected by another Fior Tooss from above. This Fior Tooss was fired by Kin Pou, who jumped down to fight Clin Tou, giving Mine Chou a chance to escape. Clin Tou defeated Kin Pou, but one of his Fior Tooss X4 sent Kin Pou flying away before Clin Tou could execute him. Clin Tou continued his search for the Black Belt of Infinity Power, only to eventually hear that Kin Pou had became the new Flamey Champion. This made Clin Tou more infuriated, but he already had his goal in mind. He eventually encountered Mine Chou again, but because he remembered their previous encounter, he kidnapped Mine Chou. He again asked Mine Chou for the location of the Black Belt of Infinity Power, but Mine Chou still didn't know. Because Clin Tou felt that Mine Chou was a persistent liar & he wouldn't get anywhere if he kept him, he dropped Mine Chou into the Graylands & ordered the Gray Grodes to execute him. He then continued his endless search for the Black Belt of Infinity Power.

Information Profile

Name: Clin Tou

Gender: Boy

Natural Powers: Super Strength

Natural Weaknesses: Gullible (However, cannot be tricked the same way by the same person twice)

Friends: None

Enemies: Kin Pou, Hut Houw

Aura: Purple

Allegiance: Villain, Antihero

Priority: Solo

Attitude: Very serious, Demanding

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 85

Speed: 51

Intelligence: 8

Defeat likeliness: 30

Attributes (Skills)

Belt Level: Purple (Painted Yellow)

Belt Powers: Kin Pou (X6), Fior Tooss (X4), High Yah (X3), Chow Main (X4)

Threat Level: High

Overall Power Rating: 6 - 10

Clin Tou in Full-Scale