Purple Pillz

Basic Information

Purple Pillz is a character of the ExpiredPill series. She wears a similar outfit to ExpiredPill, but recolored brown & purple. She is neutral. Purple Pillz was created in a lab experiment gone wrong, causing her to be discolored. The scientist had forgot to create her with UV protection which lead to her discoloration.

Information Profile

Name: Purple Pillz

Powers: 96 Sledgehammer

Weaknesses: Loud Sirens/Sounds, Paint

Friends: ExpiredPill, Sir. Outlet

Enemies: Peptinox

Allegiance: Good

Priority: Sidekick

Attitude: None

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 96

Speed: 60

Intelligence: 50

Power: 20

Defeat likeliness: 21

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 80

Competitiveness: 10

Leadership: 10

Bravery: 40

Default mood: None

Manipulation likeliness: 1

Anger likeliness: 20

Sadness likeliness: 20

Fear likeliness: 40

Purple Pillz in Full-Scale