Basic Information

ExpiredPill is the main character of the ExpiredPill series. He wears a red & blue jester hat, a red & blue shirt & gray pants. He is good. He can shove pills that have been expired for over ten million years into his enemies mouth, which would cause them to die from expiration & overdose. He also has guns. It is possible for him to overdose on comedy.

Information Profile

Name: ExpiredPill

Powers: Pill Gouge, Uzi Uppercut

Weaknesses: Antibiotics

Friends: Sir. Outlet, Purple Pillz

Enemies: Peptinox

Allegiance: Chaotic Good

Priority: Leader

Attitude: Chaotic

Other notable information: He takes flirting as a threat, his expired pills are limited (however, they refill within a 3 second duration)

Attributes (Physical)

Strength: 20

Speed: 40

Intelligence: 7

Power: 18

Defeat likeliness: 20

Attributes (Personality)

Loyalty: 40

Competitiveness: 50

Leadership: 60

Bravery: 70

Default mood: Humorous

Manipulation likeliness: 3

Anger likeliness: 70

Sadness likeliness: 10

Fear likeliness: 30

ExpiredPill in Full-Scale