Location Index

Main Location

Cristil Town

Other Significant Locations

Sugar Desert, Danger Mountains, Cristil Forest, Heavenly Caverns

Small Locations

The Cristil House, Cristil Town Sewers, Supermom Ta-Bum's House, Anti-Cristil's Lab

Character Homes

Cristil lives in the Cristil House.

Superbaby & Little Ms. Trainee live with Cristil.

Supermom lives in her own house.

Cristah's home is still undecided.

Superdamain lives in the Cristil Town sewers.

Anti-Cristil & the rest of the villains live in Anti-Cristil's Lab.

Note: This will only include canon significant recurring locations. Locations that are non-canon, locations that only appear in one type of content (such as only games or only cartoons), locations that only appear once & insignificant locations will not be included here. In other words, this list is non-exhaustive.