The TKKS Website Search Engine

Now you can set the TKKS Website as your default search engine!

To do this the short way, simply install the TKKS Perfection Search web browser extension.

To do this the long way, simply go to your web browser settings, go to the search engines, add a custom search engine*, set the name of the custom search engine to "TKKS Website", & set the URL of the custom search engine to "". If required, place your web browsers query detector directly after the equal sign. Afterwards, confirm the settings & set the new custom search engine "TKKS Website" as your default search engine. Now, every time you search something, it will search from within the TKKS Website & ensure you receive only the best search results!

*Not all web browsers will allow you to set a custom search engine, if your web browser doesn't allow you to change your search engine then you need to switch to a different browser.