Perfection Search

(The TKKS Web Browser Extension)

Quite a while ago, TKKS released a long detailed set of instructions on how you can bring your web browser closer to perfection, despite your web browser not being made by TKKS. (A TKKS web browser is certainly on the way, but it could be a very long time before any release information is seen.)

The set of instructions proved to be well & effective in perfectionizing your web browser.

But what if we told you there was a way to both complete all of the steps & gain more than your browser settings would allow you to have in just 2 steps?

Well, up until now, it wasn't possible. But now it is...

Now you can do EVERYTHING with perfection.

Perfection Search is a web browser extension that is officially & solely constructed by TKKS. Though upon its initial creation you could only use it to search with perfection, it has gradually evolved over time, letting you do more & more things with perfection with every update!

 In the current state it is in (V1.15), when using Perfection Search you can:
• Start
•  Open
• Open with
• Open to
• Go home to
• Launch
& search with perfection.

How to perfectionize your web browser in 2 simple steps

Step 1: Install the TKKS "Perfection Search" web browser extension.

Step 2: Install either one of the TKKS "Tiles & Placeholder" themes or the TKKS "Classic Turquoise" theme.

Now you can search with perfection.

Install the TKKS "Perfection Search" web browser extension from the Chrome Web Store!
Install the TKKS "Perfection Search" web browser extension from Firefox Addons!