TKKS Website Classic Navigation Help Page

Let's start with the most basic of the basics.

Press your down-arrow key to scroll down if you are on a computer. If you are on a mobile device (phone or tablet), simply tap your screen & slide your finger up while still holding your finger on the screen to scroll down.

Scroll down to where it says "Basic Navigation Help" & click/tap the "V" button next to it.

If the text looks like it ran out, scroll down to reveal the rest of it.

Basic Navigation Help

*Note: This will focus on navigating around the TKKS Website. If you already know how to do this, skip to "Advanced Navigation Help".*

Now, lets start with learning how to navigate through the pages. The TKKS Website Classic has a lot of pages, & the number grows every day! To start, for computer users, simply navigate to the top-right corner of your screen & then you will have 2 options. Either click on the page name itself, or click on the V button to reveal more pages. You can either keep clicking the button until either you find the page you are looking for (& then click on the name of the page to open it), you find an interesting page (click on the name of the page to open it), or it disappears. You can do this with all pages.

For mobile device users, simply navigate to the top-left corner of the screen, & tap the button to reveal the pages. You can then either keep tapping the V button to reveal more pages until it disappears, you find the page you were looking for (tap on the name of the page you were looking for to open it), or you find an interesting page (tap on the name of an interesting page to open it).

You have now learned how to navigate around the TKKS Website Classic!

(When you are on a page, & you find an area with words in the center & a V button on the right side of the words, click/tap on the V button to extend the page so you can read it. This applies to all pages.)

Advanced Navigation Help

*Note: This will talk focus mostly on to find links on the TKKS Website. If you already know how to do this, skip to "Extra Help".*

Now, lets learn about some of the more advanced features of the TKKS Website Classic. One of the most common advanced-but-easy-to-learn features is links! Before we teach you how they affect the TKKS Website, we will first teach you what they are. A "link", is a sort of advanced URL (uniform resource locator) that can lead you to a new page when clicked/tapped. URLs are commonly in the form of random letters, symbols, & numbers that make up a "web address", & a link takes a URL & hides it behind normal words, so that the normal words have a "redirecting url" hidden within them that will "redirect" or bring you to a new web page.

So how does this affect the TKKS Website Classic? Well, the TKKS Website Classic uses links a lot to get to a lot of different pages. You probably either used one to get here, got here intentionally through the page search, or misclicked/mistapped on a link somewhere on the TKKS Website Classic, & got here by accident. If you got here by accident, good for you! Because now you know how to navigate using links. If you got here intentionally, you probably already knew all this anyway. 

To find a link on the TKKS Website Classic, simply look for underlined words. Most of the time (excluding right now), an underlined word is likely to be a link. Click/tap on any underlined words you see if you want to go to a link! (Not all links are underlined words. Some links are hidden behind normal words, & the only way to find them is by clicking/tapping randomly.)

Extra Help

Now, its time to learn about one of the most complex features of the TKKS Website Classic: The search button. The search button is used to find specific pages of the TKKS Website Classic by entering a search term. The search button is also the only tool of the TKKS Website Classic that can be used to find secret hidden pages (if that happens to be what you are searching for, of course). To use it, simply navigate to the top-right-corner of the TKKS Website Classic (this is on all devices), & click/tap the icon to reveal the search box. Type what you want to search, & then click/tap the enter button. You can even set the search feature as your default search engine*! Learn how to do that here. *(It only works if you are using a web browser that supports custom search engines.)

the TKKS Web browser

Unfortunately, a TKKS web browser does not yet exist.

However, by following these steps, you can make your current not-so-perfect web browser feel closer to perfection!

Step 1: Set the TKKS Website Classic as your default search engine. Be sure to remember to remove all other search engines afterwards to ensure that you always search with perfection & receive perfect results only.

Step 2: Install the TKKS Tiles & Placeholder theme to your web browser. This gives your web browser a perfect coating of perfection, making it look perfect on the outside as well.

Step 3: Set the TKKS Website Classic as your home page & bookmarks. Copy this URL, then navigate to your browser settings, find the settings for your home/start page, change it to "a specific URL", then set the URL to the one you just copied. Use the same URL to add the TKKS Website Classic to your bookmarks/saved pages.

That is it! Now, despite your web browser not being made by TKKS, your web browser will feel closer to perfection now.

Don't feel like doing all of this? That's fine, simply install the TKKS Perfection Search browser extension- it does most of the work for you! (You will still have to set it in your bookmarks, install the Classic Turquoise or one of the Tiles & Placeholder themes & remember to open it every day.)

(IMPORTANT: Not all web browsers will allow you to complete all of these steps. If your current web browser does not support custom search engines, custom themes, custom home/start pages, or bookmarks/saved pages then you will need to install a different web browser.)

Troubleshooting/Review Page (BETA)